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I read all of the fine lines and have always paid my bill on time.The first time I fell behind was 3 months ago.

I caught all of the payments up and then my payments jumped from 750 to 1050. Now I am 1800 behind and they call 15 times a day, I have received 4 certified letters in less then a month and they are starting foreclosure. We have called and tried to get the refinancing that they guaranteed us after the first two years and they told us we did not qualify due to the status of our loan at this time.

I have never had a company that is so unwilling to assists in obtaining some kind of beneficial information in order to be able to make the loan current and more affordable. The economy has forced us into this situation, due to the fact that we own a business and our customers have not been paying their bill, and our workload is way under what it was a year ago.

We have even tried to inform them that we are currently filing bankruptcy on the business and obtaining jobs as quickly as we can, but all they want is to know when they will have they're payment. Problem is I don't know when I will have it and I am doing everything I can to accomplish it. We also have 6 children to worry about having a home, but this company is unwilling to help us in any way no matter how we try to explain our situation to them.

It is harassment when you hang up and they call back within 10 minutes to hear you try to explain the same situation you just tried to explain.

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